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Build Your Business With Melco's EMT16X

Modular Multi-Head—start with one machine, build your embroidery network at YOUR pace.

Patented Acti-Feed™ automatic thread control. No manual tensioning required!

Let us show you how the EMT16X is more efficient than conventional multi-heads! 


Melco's EMT16X Commercial Embroidery Machine

Scalable — start with one machine, build your embroidery network as-needed.

Ultra fast — up to 1500 stitches per minute.

Versatile — from hats and dog collars to backpacks and blankets

Large sew field.

Simple operation. 

Single-head & multi-head packages customized to fit your needs. 

Features No Other EmbroideryCompany Can Rival




With the Melco Operating System (MOS), you control every machine on the network from a single computer. This allows management of individual machines as needed, without interrupting production on the entire network.

Best of all, you can use the system as a single-head, and a multi-head, at the same time. No other system gives you this level of control and flexibility!

Easily add machines to your production line when you’re ready – our modular system is designed to grow along with your business at your pace.

We create the machines, the operating system, and the design software. With Melco’s most recent software update, DesignShop v11, we’ve made great improvements to every aspect of the digitizing experience, enhancing each step of your process. 

Get plug and play productivity with a bigger library of premade designs, fonts, monograms, and custom vector shapes. Ensure high quality sewouts with features like Design Checker, Conversion Assistant and Enhanced Lettering. We offer 4 levels of software so you can choose the best option for your business.

Tired of frustrating thread breaks?

With Melco machines, thread feed is managed by the patented Acti-Feed™ thread control system, delivering the precise amount of thread automatically.

Conventional machines require manual thread tension adjustments. This system is what sets Melco machines apart from the rest of embroidery industry. Simply enter a few inputs such as fabric type and hoop selection, and our intelligent Acti-Feed™ system will do the rest!

Check Out What Our Customers Are Saying About Their Melco Machines

Russell Damis

NJ Threads Embroidery

After 11 years in the military, I medically retired and went to work at my brother’s screen printing business. We soon realized how much business we were losing by not offering embroidery as a service. After some discussion, we agreed that I would attempt to learn embroidery and he would stay with screen printing. I had access to an older 6 head machine, and someone who was willing to show me the ropes. The learning curve was pretty steep on the older, analog style machine, and the space wasn’t set up great for embroidery.


We started researching smaller single head machines that would fit in my home. The commute to the shop was brutal, and I really wanted to be able to spend more time with my family while working from home.


We came across Melco and liked all of the specs…American company, 16 needles, and fastest stitch speeds out there. I also found the “actifeed” feature attractive, as I was having trouble with thread tension on the older machine. 

A lot of the reviews stated that Melco customer service was the best in the industry. That also stuck out, as I know one thing you don’t want to be is down and out in this business. Lastly, I like the ability to link the machines together as you add more. As our business grows, we can add the amount of heads we need, rather than having to add a bulky mutihead machine that can only run a single job at a time. 

We are almost 2 years in with our Melco EMT16 PLUS and I can't say enough good things about this company. The machine produces incredible work. Our business does about 80% hats, and it stitches them with ease. 

The Melco staff is second to none. From sales, to tech support, to instructional videos, they are the nicest people on the planet. Tech support is incredible. Any time Ive had an issue, they’ve been able to get me back up and running. I’ve had parts overnighted and at my door by the next morning to make sure we’re not down too long. 

Purchasing this machine for business has been one of the best decisions we’ve made, and we will be adding more Melcos to our business in the future. Its been a lot of fun learning this business, and Melco has made it that much better.”

Haley Brasington

Greek Letter Co.

When my business first started, I was using a hand-me-down sewing machine from my grandmother that was older than me! It definitely got the job done, but it took me hours and hours to finish designs and fill orders. Throughout college, my business was mainly a hobby and I saved all of my money from orders. 

When I graduated college I decided to take a huge leap of faith and try to pursue my business full time in hopes of making it my career. I used all of the money I saved from my business during college to purchase my very first commercial embroidery machine, a Melco EMT 16X. 

Not even a year later and my business now has 6 Melco EMT 16X machines and we are still growing. The Melco EMT 16X has changed my business for the better. I am able to create more products to reach my demand and expand into new product categories since my machines can do it all!

Kevin & Melissa Scramlin

Scramlin Farm

I would like to take the time to express my sincere thanks for sending such a wonderful Melco trainer. My husband and I recently finished up our training and had the pleasure of working with David Fuller. I have so many good things to say about him as far as his knowledge, resources, experience and most of all dedication. He is truly committed to helping us in any way that makes us successful on our embroidery journey.   

David has made our embroidery training top notch. He is very patient and explains everything very well, especially for those of us that are brand new. We had such a good impression straight from the start with our sales experience. I would recommend Melco to others and very excited to be in the embroidery business with such great people and support. Thanks to everyone!

Why Melco?

Since 1972, Melco has been the choice for entrepreneurs in need of apparel decoration solutions. When you partner with Melco for your equipment and software solutions, you are getting a partner with decades of experience in the apparel industry. 


50 years ago, Melco began as a pioneer in computerized embroidery digitizing. Our mission focused on leveraging technology and automation to maximize productivity while simultaneously enhancing the user experience. Since 1972, these foundational principles have led to the development of some of the industry’s most advanced commercial embroidery machines and software. Business owners seeking fast ROI and maximum profit potential will find success with Melco.

But we know that even the most advanced embroidery products don’t mean anything without a passionate and knowledgeable team to back it up. When you choose Melco, you have the benefit of working directly with the manufacturer. From our expert sales staff to our mastermind applications team, our employees make Melco more than your equipment and software provider – we’re your business partner, ready to help every step of the way!


Support You Can Count On

Check Out Melco's Technical Support Knowledge Base

Trying something new, or looking for some tips and tricks on improving your embroidery skill? We have lots of resources! Get online support from our Technical Support Knowledge Base. Check out our YouTube channel for tutorials, demos, and even previous live Q&A sessions with Melco experts.

Customer Care

We also have a great support team ready to answer any of your questions. Troubleshooting by yourself can be frustrating – let us help! Contact Melco Customer Care by phone or through our online form if you need any assistance.

Parts & Accessories

As your partner, Melco understands that your business relies not only on technical support but availability of replacement parts as well. That’s why we stock many add-ons, accessories, and parts on Reach out to us with any questions regarding additional parts for your machines. We are here to support you!


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