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When you're a small business owner, you're dealing with a ton of pressure. 

You're the main decision-maker for your business.

The income you make from your personalization business might even be supporting your family.

We know that the decisions you make matter, and it's important that you feel confident you're making the best decisions for your business.


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Melco Is Designed With You In Mind

All of our embroidery technology is created, designed, tested and used by embroidery professionals of all kinds. 

Our technology is built on a flexible, modular platform that is scalable to meet demand growth over time. Home-based businesses with an online store are using Melco embroidery machines in single and multi-head configurations to produce embroidery jobs on hats, bags, shirts, backpacks, pet accessories and more. 

Large enterprises like the companies above have installed large modular multi-head networks of Melco embroidery machines to produce thousands of embroidered items in a factory setting.

In addition to modular flexibility, our embroidery machines are built with Acti-Feed™ technology. Acti-Feed™ automatically controls thread feed and tension using computer software. The computer senses and adjusts thread feed and tension on the fly, delivering the benefits of increased sew speeds, enhanced production efficiency, and a system that is easy to learn and use compared to conventional embroidery machines.


Discover Why Melco Is A Great Partner To Have In Your Personalization Business

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We Have You Covered

From purchasing your first machine, to training and service, to expanding your personalization business by adding a modular multi-head system, or helping you add things like screen printing to your existing embroidery business. We've made it our mission to partner with you and guide you every step of the way.

At The End Of The Day, Your ROI Is Crucial
To The Success Of Your Business

And we are invested in helping you succeed.

What does that mean? 

That means we are always developing embroidery machines that set new standards in terms of user-friendliness, efficiency and flexibility and have been for over 40 years. 

That means when you invest in a Melco machine, you also get a certified Melco trainer who will teach you how to get the most out of your new investment. Step-by-step, they’ll train you on how to use the system specifically for your business.

That means access to a support center that actually knows the product, an extensive library of training videos and tutorials available 24/7 and brand new content produced weekly based on the questions we get asked from business owners just like you.

That means fast service. We have technicians to service machines in every state in the U.S. and will overnight parts to make sure that if something goes wrong, we will have you back up and running as fast as possible.

It means that you can find all the equipment and accessories you need to run your personalization business in one place. And we are invested in helping you succeed.

“Wow I am extremely busy here at Midwest Threadwork Designs. I now do sublimation, vinyl, and rhinestones besides embroidery and dtg. I wish I had started this years ago cause I finally love what I'm doing!!! Thanks for everything!”

- Jackie Bartoni, Owner of Midwest Threadwork Designs

Frequently Asked Questions



What can I expect after I purchase a Melco embroidery machine?

How many machines do I need to start a business?



This is up to you! It is common for people to start with a single machine. We highly recommend that you work with a member of our team to review your business goals and determine your needs. One of the best features of the Melco system is the ability to scale your embroidery network as needed.

With Melco, you aren't bound to conventional multi-head configurations. The flexibility you get with these embroidery machines helps maximize your profit potential. 

Melco is true partner for your business. We provide hands-on training to get you up and running on your new machine. Anytime you have a question about your machine, want to learn something new or are just looking for some tips and tricks, give us a call! We can help you on best practices on your machine, plus help you find ways to improve efficiency and make more money. 


What sets Melco apart from other companies?


In a word, accessibility. Melco is easily the most reliable, connected and helpful embroidery machine manufacturer in the United States. 

And unlike many of our competitors, we are an American company. You purchase direct from the manufacturer and have a partner based in the U.S. Everything from engineering to training, sales to shipping, technical support and customer service are located just north of Denver Colorado - with technical specialist ready to service your machine located in every state. 

Our machines are user-friendly, modular and suitable for both multi-head and single-head applications. In multi-head configurations, each embroidery machine is connected to a network and operated using the dashboard on a PC. The best part? You can use the system as a single-head and a multi-head at the same time. No other embroidery machine can do this. 

Melco is a true embroidery technology firm. We create the machines, the operating system and design the software. We also provide many add-ons, accessories and parts.


Are there financing options available?


Yes! We have multiple financing partners. We will help you choose the best fit for your business. It's easy to apply online! When you speak to one of our specialists, let them know you're interested in financing, and they will show you how to pre-qualify today.


Are Melco machines easy to use?


Users can learn to operate a Melco embroidery machine in as little as 30 minutes. More advanced functions and features can take more time and practice, but we will help with on-site training, webinars, technical support, plus tons of free videos and resources on our website, YouTube and Facebook. 


How many years of operation can I expect to get out of my Melco?


With proper maintenance, machines can run millions of stitches. It's common for Melco machines to last for decades. 

Check Out What Our Customers Are Saying About Their Melco Machines

Haley Brasington

Ryan Malaschak

Greek Letter Co.

Adrenaline Prints LLC

When my business first started, I was using a hand-me-down sewing machine from my grandmother that was older than me! It definitely got the job done, but it took me hours and hours to finish designs and fill orders. Throughout college, my business was mainly a hobby and I saved all of my money from orders. 

When I graduated college I decided to take a huge leap of faith and try to pursue my business full time in hopes of making it my career. I used all of the money I saved from my business during college to purchase my very first commercial embroidery machine, a Melco EMT 16X. 

Not even a year later and my business now has 6 Melco EMT 16X machines and we are still growing. The Melco EMT 16X has changed my business for the better. I am able to create more products to reach my demand and expand into new product categories since my machines can do it all!

I have been in this industry for 15+ years and have never had better customer service. From day one, the entire experience with Melco Sales and Service has been outstanding!

Russell Damis

NJ Threads Embroidery

We are almost 2 years in with our Melco EMT16 PLUS and I can't say enough good things about this company. 

We came across Melco and liked all of the specs…American company, 16 needles, and the fastest stitch speeds out there. I also found the Acti-Feed™ feature attractive, as I was having trouble with thread tension. A lot of the reviews stated that Melco customer service was the best in the industry. That also stuck out, as I know one thing you don’t want to be is down and out in this business. Lastly, I like the ability to link the machines together as you add more. As our business grows, we can add the amount of heads we need, rather than have to add a bulky multi-head machine that can only run a single job at a time.

The Melco staff is second to none. From sales, to tech support, to instructional videos, they are the nicest people on the planet. Tech support is incredible. Any time Ive had an issue, they’ve been able to get me back up and running. I’ve had parts overnighted and at my door by the next morning to make sure we’re not down too long. 

Purchasing this machine for business has been one of the best decisions we’ve made, and we will be adding more Melco's to our business in the future. Its been a lot of fun learning this business, and Melco has made it that much better.

Kelly Anne

Kelly Anne Embroidery

Got a Melco 2 years ago to start my dream of owning my own business after years working in theatre in costume shops. It was the perfect machine for me!

Kevin & Melissa Scramlin

Scramlin Farm

I would like to take the time to express my sincere thanks for sending such a wonderful Melco trainer. My husband and I recently finished up our training and had the pleasure of working with David Fuller. I have so many good things to say about him as far as his knowledge, resources, experience and most of all dedication. He is truly committed to helping us in any way that makes us successful on our embroidery journey.   

David has made our embroidery training top notch. He is very patient and explains everything very well, especially for those of us that are brand new. We had such a good impression straight from the start with our sales experience. I would recommend Melco to others and very excited to be in the embroidery business with such great people and support. Thanks to everyone!

Brian Olsen

Master Uniform & Master Screen Printing

The machines have been doing great! We now do way more Embroidery than Screen Printing. It’s been pretty crazy and we couldn’t be happier to have gotten them when we did! I couldn’t imagine doing all the work we’ve been doing on one machine! I hope to be able to do some more business with you soon!

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Because we know each customer is different, we work hard to have tailor-made solutions just for you. Maybe you’re a hobbyist who wants to make money with your embroidery. Maybe you own an apparel shop and want to add personalization to your business. Maybe you want to expand your existing business.

Whatever your needs are, we can help you reach your business dreams. We would love to connect you to a Melco specialist who can help determine what equipment and training would best fit your unique needs.

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